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Farmer, Rancher and Landowner Services


The CSLRCD is able to provide technical assistance, cost-share funding, and education and outreach to community members working toward a common goal, drawing on federal state and local grant funds and through a long standing partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

Both the CSLRCD and NRCS are non-regulatory agencies and have no enforcement authority.

Tool Box

Are you a self-starter? Use these tools to become a better land steward. The RCD is always available for additional support.


  Soil Survey 




 Farm Water Quality Plan Template



Pages from RanchingSelfAssessmentManual_20090.jpg Self Assessment for Ranches

Pages from AgPracticesHandbook_english_2012.jpg


Handbook of Agricultural Conservation Practices 

 Rainwater_Guide_low_resolution_COVER.gif Rainwater Harvesting - Cisterns 


Pages from Central Coast Roads Guide RCDSCC 2014 coverpage1.jpg  Private Road Maintenance Guide


Guide to Watershed Project Permitting for the State of California


Organic Material Exchange