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Construction Now Complete on the Climate Ready Rangeland Project 

The Coastal San Luis Resource Conservation District has successfully completed the final construction component of the Climate Ready Rangeland Project. The work entailed channel stabilization measures along an unnamed tributary in San Luis Obispo County.

Construction on this project began mid-June and finished within a week, with lasting impacts for years to come. The project centered around a tributary that flows under Turri Road and into Warden Creek, which then meanders into Los Osos Creek and finally into the Morro Bay Estuary. With flowing water through the tributary, an excess of sediment is brought into the Estuary, as a result of unstable, eroding features in the tributary, called headcuts. Several headcuts were identified through the tributary for repair in order to slow the rate of sediment being brought downstream. If left untreated, headcuts can continue to erode upstream allowing for increased bank destabilization, negatively impacting the rangeland and watershed.

Through State Coastal Conservancy funds, CSLRCD worked with the ranch owners to implement riparian enhancement practices to benefit both their ranch activities and the watershed. The objective of the project is to buffer against climate change impacts while maintaining the viability of the rangeland in the face of reduced water supply and greater weather variability.

The headcuts were addressed with engineer-designed rock structures (two photos at top of page) along with constructing a wetland/floodplain bench to allow for flow attenuation and sediment-laden runoff to settle prior to entering mainstem Warden Creek. Native vegetation is also being incorporated throughout the project footprint, resulting in an area of approximately 3,000 feet of enhanced vegetation along the tributary. Native seed and willow stakes (photo above right) were planted during construction, and revegetation efforts will continue into the fall when rain is expected to support germination and survival of the plantings.

Over time, the project will result in reduced erosion, sediment capture, increased water infiltration and augmented riparian vegetation. The project also was designed to reduce flood impacts and improve wildlife habitat. CSLRCD staff looks forward to seeing the first significant rain come through the tributary and to monitor how the headcut repairs and riparian enhancement meet the Climate Ready Rangeland project objectives.


Highlights & Results for the Blackberry Bioreactor Project

Commodity Crop Production on a De-Nitrifying Bioreactor System — CA Dept. of Food & Agriculture SCB Grant, Implemented by CSLRCD

Blackberry Project1.jpg

Do you know what a de-nitrifying bioreactor is? Do you know that one of its advantages is improved water quality? Do you know how planting on a bioreactor works?

The highlights and outcomes of this project, where 100 blackberry plants were planted in the bioreactor set up on the shore of Little Oso Flaco Lake in October 2016, are detailed in a one-page report. Read the pdf here.






 Welcome New CSLRCD Team Member!

Joe Murphy vert sm1.jpgEngineer Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy is committed to the work of restoring a healthy relationship between humans and their environment, and he is excited to use his skills to serve that vision through the RCD. He has experience in grading and drainage, stormwater management, small-scale restoration, ecological agriculture and construction management.

In his time away from the RCD, Murphy works as a handyman, co-manages a program in Applied Ecology at Cal Poly, and tends a small homestead with his partner. He has a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Cal Poly, and is a licensed Professional Engineer.





Round Hay Bales near Turri Road.jpg 

Round hay bales near Turri Road



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