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Watershed Activities

Through the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Update, the RCDs of San Luis Obispo County led a watershed planning effort that included characterizing each watershed, identifying data gaps, a draft approach for evaluating conservation countywide, a watershed information, an instream flow study and a percolation study.

The purpose of the SLO County Watershed Management Plan is to grow knowledge and value of watersheds and their related services and to strengthen documentation of issues and needs in an effort to encourage faster implementation of appropriate watershed restoration projects. The outcomes of this project are meant to initiate countywide discussions and encourage public engagement.


Interactive Website

Visit www.slowatershedproject.org to learn more about your watershed.


Final Report 

SLO County Watershed Management Plan, Phase 1 Vision, Framework & Methodology Development


Appendix A Maps

Appendix B Outcomes of Public Participation

Appendix C.1 Watershed Snapshots-North Coast

Appendix C.2 Watershed Snapshots-South County

Appendix C.3 Watershed Snapshots-North County

Appendix D Charts Linking Data Gaps to Primary Issues

Appendix E Final Instream Flow Assessment

Appendix F Percolation Study of Pilot-Study Groundwater Basins (San Luis/Edna and Santa Rosa)

Appendix G Response to Public Comment


The CSLRCD encompasses many of the coastal watersheds in San Luis Obispo County. Click on the watershed map below for more information.

Nipomo Creek Pismo Beach Arroyo Grande Morro Creek Morro Bay San Luis Obispo Santa Maria Oso Flaco Lake