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Arroyo Grande Creek Watershed

The Arroyo Grande Creek watershed drains about 150 square miles.  The watershed’s tributaries include Tally Ho, Tar Springs and Los Berros Creeks. Meadow Creek is a remnant marsh drainage system that enters Arroyo Grande Creek, just upstream of the confluence with the ocean.

The CSLRCD works closely with the Arroyo Grande Creek Flood Control Advisory Committee. For more information go to the Flood Control District, Zone 1/1A website.

Featured Project

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In 1959, the lower three miles of Arroyo Grande Creek were converted to a trapezoidal flood control channel to reduce flood risk to high value farm land. In 2001, a high intensity storm event caused levee failure, resulting in millions of dollars in damage to adjacent farmland and residential properties.

The CSLRCD was instrumental in working with landowners to resolve flood control channel maintenance issues by supporting a Prop 218 assessment for channel management and long term planning with the Arroyo Grande Creek Erosion, Sedimentation and Flooding Alternatives Study. The CSLRCD continues to coordinate and implement projects on a watershed scale that benefit the flood control channel including sediment detension basins, stream restoration and floodplain acquisition.



Reports and studies related to this watershed are available on the Documents page.