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Upcoming Zone 1/1A Advisory Committee meetings:

Please click on the link below to the SLO County Zone 1/1A website for agendas and information on current Advisory Committee meetings:

SLO County - Zone 1/1A

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(for archived minutes of meetings from 2004 through Feb 2011, click here)

Also, to review the...

"Arroyo Grande Creek Channel Waterway Management Program and Environmental Impact Report"

click on the following link:

SLO County - Zone 1/1A

Then go to the bottom right portion of the SLO County Zone 1/1A page to see the list of publications related to Zone 1/1A.


History of the Arroyo Grande Creek Flood Control Channel

Map of Zone 1/1A boundaries

Zone 1/1A Advisory Committee

Finding the Long-Term Solution:

        Arroyo Grande Watershed and Creek Memorandum of Understanding

       Arroyo Grande Creek Erosion, Sedimentation, and Flood Alternatives Study

       Arroyo Grande Creek Watershed Management Plan

       Zone 1/1A Task Force - pursuing local control of the channel

        Lower San Lorenzo River Management Plan

Recent on-the-ground work in the channel to reduce flooding risk

     2010 AG Creek Vegetation Management

     2009 AG Creek Vegetation Management

     2008 AG Creek Vegetation Management

      2007 AG Creek Vegetation Management

       2006 AG Creek Vegetation Management

Channel Inspection Reports

2007 Annual Flood Control Channel Inspection Report is available
on the SLO County Zone 1/1A website (go to bottom of that page for list of downloadable reports)
2006 Inspection Report (3MB .pdf file)

Newspaper articles about Zone 1/1A

Arroyo Grande Creek Fisheries Studies    

Lower Arroyo Grande Creek and Lagoon Fishery and Aquatic Resources Summary 2008 Monitoring Report
    Lower Arroyo Grande Creek and Lagoon Fishery and Aquatic Resources Summary 2006 Monitoring Report

    Draft Arroyo Grande Creek Steelhead Distribution and Abundance Survey

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