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Newspaper Articles related to Zone 1/1A:

"State moving forward on creek maintenance" March 25, 2005, Times Press Recorder

"Wallop of a bill for flood control" April 2, 2005, The Tribune

"South County landowners try to divert flood bills: before state charges them for costly flood control, nearby residents want to take action" April 30, 2005, The Tribune

"Spread out flood-control burden"  June 5, 2005, Editorial in The Tribune

"Owners may face a flood of taxes"  June 6, 2005, The Tribune

"Vote delays takeover of flood channels" June 15, 2005, The Tribune

"County eyes larger flood control zone"  June 17, 2005, Times Press Recorder

"Task Force takes on flood prevention"  September 17, 2005, The Tribune

"Study shows local maintenance of creek would be cheaper"  September 21, 2005, Times Press Recorder

"AG owners may avoid annual soaking"  February 16, 2006, The Tribune"

"AG Creek annexation would add 38 properties" February 24, 2006, Times Press Recorder

"Voters keep creek control local"  June 9, 2006, The Tribune

"Editorial: the value of local control"  June 12, 2006, The Tribune

"County formulating creek maintenance plan"  July 7, 2006, Times Press Recorder

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