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San Luis Obispo Creek Watershed, including subwatersheds
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Facts for Landowners
bulletHow to Reduce Flood Risk to Your Property
bulletKnow if You Need a Permit and How to Get One

bulletDetermine if you have an Emergency

bulletWhich Plants are Good for Riparian Habitat
bulletKnow if You Have a Species of Concern
bulletHow to Help the Creek
bulletGreatest Threats to the Creek
bulletGlossary of Watershed Terms
Watershed Description
bulletWatershed Setting and Resources
bulletMaps & Photos
Flood History
bulletFlooding Problems
bulletFEMA Flood Plain Designation
bulletProblem Identification
bulletManagement Needs
Zone 9 Information
bulletAdvisory Committee
bulletWatershed Goals
bulletBylaws and Meetings
bulletAgencies and Information
bulletLinks to Resources