San Luis Obispo Creek Watershed Setting & Resources


The SLO Creek watershed is centrally located in San Luis Obispo County between the Santa Lucia Mountains and coastal hills of central California.

San Luis Obispo Creek Watershed Location Map (click map for larger image)
SLO Creek Watershed Location

San Luis Obispo Creek originates in the foothills of the Santa Lucia Range near Cuesta Grade, flowing approximately 29 km (18 miles) to its discharge to the Pacific Ocean at San Luis Bay, near the community of Avila Beach. The creek closely follows State Highway 101 along most of its route. The City of San Luis Obispo covers an area of approximately 9.5 square miles near the center of the watershed, with the remaining watershed area (approximately 217 sq km or 84 sq mi) in County jurisdiction. The streams listed below are major tributaries to San Luis Obispo Creek:

East Fork of San Luis Obispo Creek
Prefumo Creek
Froom Creek
Stenner Creek
Brizziolari Creek (tributary to Stenner Creek)
See Canyon Creek
Old Garden Creek (tributary to Stenner Creek)
Davenport Creek


Download the following two pdf documents on the San Luis Obsipo Creek watershed:

Waterways Management Plan: San Luis Obispo Creek Watershed 2003, scroll down to "Creek and Storm" and select document (entire plan is 31 MB, but can be downloaded in smaller parts.)

SLO Land Conservancy Watershed Enhancement Plan



Adapted from: the San Luis Obispo Waterway Management Plan 98202WMP 3-3-2003.doc, section 1.2