Zone 9 Advisory Committee

San Luis Obispo Creek
San Luis Obispo Creek

History of Zone 9 Advisory Committee

Flood Control Zone 9 encompasses the entire San Luis Obispo Creek watershed. The Zone 9 Advisory Committee was formed to assist the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors on policy decisions relating to Zone 9. The Advisory Committee assists in determining the needs, desires, and financial capabilities of property owners in Zone 9. The Advisory Committee also recommends specific programs to alleviate and control flood damage, with recognition of the ecological and aesthetic values of the programs.

Membership Composition of the Zone 9 Advisory Committee

The Zone 9 Advisory Committee is comprised of three representatives from the City of San Luis Obispo and three from the County of San Luis Obispo.  Preference is given to members who represent the Resource Conservation District, the Avila community, the agricultural community, Cal Poly, Caltrans, or other community agency.  Please see the Bylaws for other details of member qualifications and member terms.

New members appointed and approved by Board of Supervisors on March 1, 2011:

Zone 9 Advisory Committee

Initial Membership Terms by Position

PositionRepresentativeTerm End
City CouncilAndrew Carter12/31/2012
City Council AlternateJohn Ashbaugh12/31/2012
County at-largeJanet Andrews12/31/2012
County at-large AlternateRoy Parsons12/31/2012
County at-largeKaila Dettman12/31/2012
County at-large AlternateVacant12/31/2012
City StaffBarbara Lynch12/31/2014
City Staff AlternateMatt Horn12/31/2014
City-at-largeChristine Mulholland12/31/2014
City at-large AlternateDave Romero12/31/2014
County at-largeWayne Peterson12/31/2014
County at-large AlternateVacant12/31/2014